If things should take a little longer, BMW ConnectedDrive shortens your waiting time. Your can surf the World Wide Web in your BMW. Whether you’re held up by a road closure or a herd of sheep, the Internet is there wherever you are.

You’ll always have something to do

Thanks to the permanently installed SIM card, the Internet Service from BMW ConnectedDrive enables you to access the infinite possibilities of the World Wide Web. With no mouse, no extra monitor, but all very quickly and conveniently by iDrive Controller and the integrated high-resolution Control Display.

  • Requirements:

    • ConnectedDrive Services

    • only in combination with the Navigation System Professional

BMW 3 Series Sedan : Shadow & Luminance Edition

In 1975 the BMW 3 Series single-handedly founded the luxury sports sedan segment and has proudly remained the epitome of the Ultimate Sports Sedan.